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The term "Click-Dummy" comes up again and again. But what exactly is that and is it worth a try?

The answer is quite clear - yes! 

Let's take a closer look at the topic based of a website.

You can imagine a click dummy like a prototype. The only difference is that it refers purely to the surface representation of applications, websites or programs.

In plain language: A clickable simulation is created, with which a first impression can be gained of how the exemplary website will function afterwards. The practical thing here is not only that you can see the design. A click dummy can also be used to conduct simple user tests in advance - And that without costly and time-consuming programming in advance. So the perfect basic framework can be defined here in terms of design, navigation and user guidance.

Small animations can be used to convey a real feel for the website. Different screens are created, which are then linked to each other. 

A click dummy is therefore an optimal precursor for programs and websites.

To get a first impression of how a final click dummy can look, we have developed a short example for you - the "Zollradar". This is from a project for Grenzlotsen GmbH, our product partner for the digitalization of master data and the customs world: https://adobe.ly/33Qj4cq.

Would you like to learn more about click dummys or do you have a specific function in mind that you would like to see implemented as a click dummy?

Then contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you :)

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