What does software development have to do with rugby? SCRUM. The five letters stand for a special approach in agile project management: namely, short planning cycles and a strict focus on the essential components of a project. As an IT service provider for individual digitization solutions, we also successfully use the Scrum methodology in the development of software and apps. Adapted to the Scrum philosophy, we work with a product owner (role: "client"), a Scrum master (role: "referee") and the development team.

Before the software development team can start, this means concrete preliminary work. This prevents tasks from being unclear or moving through the team in endless loops. The goal is broken down into smaller task units ("epics"), "user stories" are the basis for this and designate the requirements that the customer has for the project. The defined time units in which the epics must be completed are called "sprints".

This way of working is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. All team members and you as the customer have a transparent view of the workflows and can see what is happening. This not only gives the team, but also you as the client the necessary top view in the development of your individual software solution. At Runway36 we rely on the application "Jira" to have the perfect overview of all projects and their sprints, epics and user stories.

Fun Fun Fact: Scrum is an English term from the sport of rugby. In project management, as in sports, it takes an agile and strong team to be successful. A team in which every member knows what their role is.

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